Monday, July 16, 2012

Things I think -Inspired by peach pie

This is an excercise I like to play with. Taking whatever I am doing an trying to make an anology to life, love, whatever. This made me kind of chuckle.

Once you have baked your own pie, with your own hands, nothing from a store will quite comfort you again in the same way. Yet in a pinch, it can still satisfy a craving but will offer minimal comfort. The same can be said about the difference between true love and companionship. They diverge at the moment when your soul is not wholly involved in the process.

Even when I still resided in the city, you could find me, in a flowing skirt, flat shoes and an apron, recreating the days on the farm by spending my week-ends baking after I spent a a week with the souless concrete beneath me. In the country, everything has soul, it is alive, it’s essence can be found beneath your feet and in the wind that blows. it is all alive. In the contry you bake to enhance your health, your family, your relationships,the community and your soul when it is feeling down. it is an enhancement and not a replacement. Rebound lovers are often an attempt to recreate an aliveness that occurs naturally when you cup the chin of your true love in your feathery gloves on a cold winter’s day.

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